Coming in 2020, Dr. Andrew Perry will again be offering a more comprehensive range of sedation options for patients, including minimal conscious sedation.

Some patients consider holding off on necessary dental treatments and remedies because of uneasiness about pain and discomfort.  Presently, Dr. Perry offers several pain management and anxiolysis options from Nitrous Oxide, to localized anesthesia to minimize discomfort.

Conscious Sedation

Sedation Dentistry is also known as oral sedation, or as conscious sedation.  It can be offered to the patient through Nitrous Oxide, or in the form of a small pill, both of which allow you to remain conscious, follow directions necessary, and remain in a pain-free state for the duration of your procedure.

The medication is often administered in pill or liquid form, and can greatly reduce anxiety associated with receiving dental treatment. In this method of sedation, patients independently maintain their own airway and respond normally to verbal command or tactile stimulation. Some patients sleep through the procedure, while others experience a dream-like state. Many patients may have little to no recollection of the procedure done during this visit. After undergoing this level of sedation, you are required have another adult present to ensure you safely arrive home after your procedure is finished.

Nitrous Oxide, more commonly known as “laughing gas,” keeps the patient awake, relaxed, and able to communicate. The experience is pain-free. The relaxation also reduces the risk of triggering the gag reflect so the work can be completed without reactionary pauses.