3D Imaging X-Ray Services

Intraoral Tomosynthesis System

Dr. Perry and his team are pleased to offer a world-leading 3D Tomosynthesis technology; PORTRAY™.  As one of the few dentists in private practice in the world with this technology, Dr. Perry can offer an unprecedented look into the complex structure of of your teeth and jaw without hassle or discomfort. 

PORTRAY™ is an intraoral technology which captures multiple images from different angles.  These pictures are then combined electronically into a single volumetric image, which are comprised of ‘slices’ of the X-rayed area.  This method allows Dr. Perry to peer into sections of the teeth, and supporting bone structures which would otherwise not be visible to traditional radiography.  

As it should be, this method uses very little radiation to capture images, and the quality of the composite images are leaps beyond traditional 2D film captures.  Dr. Perry can find or prevent problems using these advanced diagnostics which will ultimately change the way preventive and restorative dentistry procedures are performed. 

The PORTRAY™ System is the first intraoral dental imaging device that goes beyond the 2D perspective. For example, tooth canals and roots are shown with much greater living detail and display the “inside” view of what may be happening before a procedure is even considered.  This technology eliminates many of the “wait and see” approaches that are employed when not enough information is available.

Contact Dr. Perry to be one of the first to experience the deeply detailed diagnostics of our new 3D imaging technology.  2D to 3D digital imaging could be considered the biggest leap in oral radiography in over 70 years!

Cone Beam X-ray (CBCT)

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is an extraoral method of capturing dental images.  The pictures are taken from the outside of the mouth by an advanced X-ray machine. It directs a low dose “cone beam” shaped X-ray and returns a detailed three-dimensional view of your teeth and jaws.   This map of your teeth and surrounding support structures aids in safe and accurate dental implant placement and root canal procedures.

CBCT is a specially calibrated type of X-ray which allows imaging to be taken at a faster and higher rate, while mitigating exposure. The cone-shaped beam is designed to capture the structure of the face and directs the X-ray to precisely the desired area, and nowhere beyond. 

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