At our dental office in Raleigh, NC, we place a great emphasis on both the health and beauty of our patient’s smiles. Cosmetic dentistry is likened to traditional and restorative dentistry, however cosmetic dentistry incorporates the element of aesthetics in addition to functionality. Tooth repairs needn’t be distinguishable from surrounding teeth, or obvious to yourself or others. At Dr. Perry’s office, we are pleased to offer our patients choices which can visually enhance and strengthen their smile simultaneously.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers are a custom fabricated option for tooth repair or to enhance the shape and color of one or many teeth. The ultra-thin porcelain resembles and mimics the sheen of healthy teeth. Veneers don’t stain like natural teeth, and are as thin as an egg shell. Porcelain veneers are measured and custom-fit based on your individual circumstances. Porcelain veneers can last 10 – 15 years or more with proper care.

Porcelain dental veneers can:

  • Repair chipped or broken teeth
  • Restore mildly crooked or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Resize teeth which are too small or large
  • Correct gaps in between teeth
  • Brighten teeth that are resistant to tooth whitening

Composite Bonding

Cosmetic dental bonding is one of the most versatile and least invasive dental procedures. Bonding involves the application of special tooth colored composite resin to restore a tooth’s shape or color. Bonding is frequently used to repair chipped teeth, broken teeth, tooth decay or discoloration. Unlike other restorations which have to be created in a dental laboratory, bonding can be applied in a single office visit. Bonding is a speedy and painless option for tooth repair. The composite resin is shaded to match the color of your surrounding teeth, so it is nearly impossible to distinguish repaired teeth from natural teeth.

Tooth Whitening

For those who want to enhance the brightness of their smile, we offer tooth whitening. We use custom trays which can brighten your smile helping to protect against tooth sensitivity which can result from other teeth whitening methods. Dr. Perry will work with you to prescribe the right amount of whitening treatment to help you reach your desired outcome.

Your Cosmetic Dentistry Questions Answered

Dental crowns, bridges and dental implants can also be used to correct cosmetic dental concerns. Dr. Perry will assess the overall wellness of your smile and recommend a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

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