For patients in Raleigh who need to have one or more teeth removed, Dr. Perry has a doctorate degree in dental surgery and is highly skilled at gentle tooth extraction (removal). Usually tooth removal is the last option after all restorative dental procedures to save the tooth are ruled out. We will first assess if a tooth can be saved before removing it, and let you choose which path is right for you.

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Perry may perform a simple or surgical tooth extraction if a tooth must be removed. Tooth extractions may involve local anesthesia, or possibly Nitrous Oxide for relaxation, depending on the patient’s unique circumstances.

Oral Surgery After Care Instructions

After oral surgery, it is essential to follow proper homecare instructions to avoid infections or other complications. These recommendations include changing out cotton gauze as needed, eating soft foods, avoiding smoking, rinsing extremely carefully with lukewarm salt water, and by taking it easy as you recover. We will provide you a reminder list when you leave our office.

Get Answers to Your Oral Surgery Questions

Contact Dr. Andrew Perry in Raleigh, NC and we can partner with you to gently extract damaged or decayed teeth. We will always assess if a tooth can be saved before tooth removal. We will work collaboratively to help you meet your goals and ensure the best oral health possible, all within your budget. We can be reached at 919-870-5905 or stop by our office at 6829 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 106 Raleigh, NC 27615