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Oral Surgery

For patients who need to have one or more teeth removed, Dr. Perry has a doctorate degree in dental surgery and is highly skilled at gentle tooth extraction. Usually tooth removal is the last option after all restorative dental procedures to save the tooth are ruled out. We will assess if a tooth can be saved before removing it, and let you make the decision. Tooth extractions may involve local anesthesia, or possibly Nitrous Oxide for relaxation, depending on the patient’s unique circumstances.


Oral Surgery After Care Instructions:

After oral surgery, it is essential to follow proper home-care instructions to avoid infections or other complications. These recommendations include changing out cotton gauze as needed, eating soft foods, avoiding smoking, rinsing extremely carefully with lukewarm salt water, and by taking it easy as you recover. We will provide you a reminder list when you leave our office.


Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Andrew Perry is skilled in performing root canals. Many patients experience great relief in tooth pain, and a restored ability to chew, bite and talk. Dr. Perry will numb the tooth with local anesthetic and then remove the infected tissue and fill the space with a filling material. When the root canal is finished, the tooth should then be restored with a crown or a filling, depending on the circumstances.  

Removable Complete Dentures:

Removable dentures are a suitable replacement for missing or damaged teeth. Dentures allow the alignment of the teeth to keep harmony and balance within the mouth in order to prevent further problems which can arise from missing or damaged teeth.

Locator Retained Overdenture: (Implant Dentures)

This type of denture is removable, but it is held in place through the use of dental implants. It is suitable for individuals who want more secure support. Dental implants are placed in the jaw and healing caps are placed over the implants to so the posts can heal. Once ready, Dr. Perry will place the final denture. 

Sedation and Conscious Sedation

For patients with anxieties, Nitrous Oxide, (“laughing gas,”) can be offered as an option which keeps the patient awake, relaxed, and able to communicate. The experience is pain-free. Relaxation also reduces the risk of triggering the gag reflect so the work can be completed without reactionary pauses.

Coming in 2020, Dr. Andrew Perry will again be offering a more comprehensive range of sedation options for patients, including minimal conscious sedation. Sedation Dentistry is also known as oral sedation, or as conscious sedation.  It can be offered to the patient through Nitrous Oxide, or in the form of a small pill, both of which allow you to remain conscious, follow directions necessary, and remain in a pain-free state for the duration of your procedure.


Dental Sleep Medicine

Coming in 2020, our office will offer treatment for people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  Dental Treatment for OSA does not involve anesthesia, surgery, or drilling. The method is much less invasive than other treatment options. Impressions of the mouth are taken and a device is custom fabricated to fit the upper and lower jaws. This device gently guides your lower jaw forward, pulling your tongue away from the back of your throat and allowing air to pass without interference. Follow up sleep studies can be performed to test the improvement of breathing events and the device can be adjusted as needed for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Our treatment is ideal for those who are CPAP intolerant or desire alternative Sleep Apnea treatment.  


CBCT 3D Imaging Technology

Dr. Andrew Perry offers Cone Bean Computed Tomography, also sometimes referred to as cone beam scan. Dental cone beam is a special type of x-ray machine used in situations where different diagnostic information is needed than regular dental x-rays provide.  The Cone Beam X-ray uses less radiation than traditional/medical CT, and is a quick and easy way to ascertain a bird’s eye view of the patient’s entire oral and facial structure.


Dr. Andrew Perry in Raleigh, NC will work collaboratively to help you meet your goals and ensure the best oral health possible. 

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