General Dentistry

Starting Healthy

Proper oral health and nutrition plays a key role in the body’s overall function. Dr. Perry and his team offer a range of general dentistry services which can address problem areas before they become painful and more expensive to correct.

How can you maintain the health of your smile?

An investment in your health

Proper nutrition goes beyond keeping your body in shape, it helps keep teeth and gums in ideal shape for many years to come. Good oral health has been shown to lower the risks of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimers and more. Oral health is especially important for pregnant women.

Family Dentistry

Dr. Perry believes in creating positive early dental experiences for children. He recommends parents to bring children for their first oral health checkup between 1-2 years of age. While this is extremely young, this step begins the all-important journey of a child hearing, seeing, and receiving preventive dental care. By engaging children in positive dentistry experiences early on, they can grow to expect healthy results without any fear of the unknown.

Teeth cleaning and polishing

Gentle cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup on teeth and are the cornerstone of preventative maintenance. Polishing the teeth brings out the natural shine of the enamel and helps to reduce the appearance of stains. While we are cleaning your teeth, we will inspect for cavities or any other areas which may need attention.

Tooth sealants

A sealant is a thin layer of protective coating that is usually applied to the back molars to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Sealants protect the vulnerable areas in the mouth and can be appropriate for both children and adults, depending on the circumstances and level of tooth decay.

3D jaw and tooth X-rays

Dr. Perry uses state of the art digital radiography (CBCT/Portray) which uses up to 50% less radiation. By taking X-ray pictures of your teeth and jaw, Dr. Perry can determine any additional care that may be invisible to the naked eye. For example, he can examine the root structure of your teeth and make sure they are strong and healthy. With Portray, Dr. Perry can see into the inside of the tooth and structures using 3D imaging, a true innovation in oral radiography!

Oral Surgery

For patients who need to have one or more teeth removed, Dr. Perry has a doctorate degree in dental surgery and is highly skilled at gentle tooth extraction. Usually tooth removal is the last option after all restorative dental procedures to save the tooth are ruled out. Tooth extractions may involve local anesthesia, or possibly Nitrous Oxide for relaxation, depending on the patient’s unique circumstances.

Oral Surgery After Care Instructions:

After oral surgery, it is essential to follow proper home-care instructions to avoid infections or other complications. These recommendations include changing out cotton gauze as needed, eating soft foods, avoiding smoking, rinsing extremely carefully with lukewarm salt water, and by taking it easy as you recover. We will provide you a reminder list when you leave our office.

CEREC Primescan (same day ceramics)

When Dr. Perry uses the CEREC machine instead of traditional impression methods, it adds about 45 minutes total to the appointment. However, since there is no need for a temporary crown or a second appointment. In most circumstances, crowns and onlays can be milled in-office and applied the same day. 

Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Andrew Perry is highly skilled in performing root canals. Many patients experience great relief in tooth pain, and a restored ability to chew, bite and talk. Dr. Perry will numb the tooth with local anesthetic and then remove the infected tissue and fill the space with a filling material. When the root canal is finished, the tooth should then be restored with a crown or a filling, depending on the circumstances.  

Sedation and Anxioylsis

For patients with dental anxieties, Nitrous Oxide, (“laughing gas,”) can be offered as a sedation option to keep patients awake, relaxed, and able to communicate throughout the procedure.  Sedation is a good choice for many patients who may have extended work to be performed.  Encouraging relaxation also reduces the risk of triggering the gag reflect so the work can be completed without reactionary pauses.

Custom dosing is offered based on the individual patient, and their level of anxiety, or comfort.  Nitrous Oxide’s effects allow patients to remain calm, stay conscious and still respond to commands.  The effects are quick to dissipate and leave no lasting impact. 



Removable Complete Dentures:

Removable dentures are a suitable replacement for missing or damaged teeth. Dentures allow the alignment of the teeth to keep harmony and balance within the mouth in order to prevent further problems which can arise from missing or damaged teeth.

Locator Retained Overdenture: (Implant Dentures)

This type of denture is removable, but it is held in place through the use of dental implants. It is suitable for individuals who want more secure support. Dental implants are placed in the jaw and healing caps are placed over the implants to so the posts can heal. Once ready, Dr. Perry will place the final denture. 

Oral Cancer Screenings

Screenings for signs of oral cancer are quick and painless. Dr. Perry will inspect your face, lips, the roof of your mouth, under your tongue and the back of your throat. If you have any areas in your mouth where you feel discomfort, or recurring sensitive tissue, please notify Dr. Perry.

Nightguard Fabrication

For individuals who experience symptoms of TMJ- disorder (“TMD”), i.e. jaw tension, or headaches from clenching and grinding of their teeth, etc, Dr. Perry can custom fit a nightguard for you to wear while sleeping. Nightguards are an ideal and lower-cost solution to help protect teeth from pressure and friction. They will help shift the tongue and jaw into proper position, relieving neuromuscular strain which can cause pain, headaches, trouble chewing or lock jaw.

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